News 266: We’re flying with our 2021 summary!

09/12/21 • by admin • em

Rocket, bullet train: run. Who out there hasn’t even noticed that 2021 is already leaving? That year, hope was renewed, with the sigh that good times are to come without the negative impacts that so affected our lives during this period of COVID.

While REFRISAT completed 45 years, HBR celebrated its 36. Two special dates that we made a point of remembering in our latest News and also in the last online and in-person events that we participated.

Not everything went as expected, as in the case of the trade fairs we would attend and have been postponed, but who said it wasn’t good? Let’s go with us on this last News from 2021! Have you been with us? Send a message to us and participate in our next News.

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