NEWS 258 – Oil, milk, diagnostic imaging, training and more.

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This month has news from very different areas, with different processes and with REFRISAT acting in conjunction with HBR Máquinas. The partnership with our sister from HBR holding was in the project for long-term rent at Petrobras, be sure to access and read, it is very curious for those who don´t act in this sector! More than that, we also talk about how the process of cooling milk with ammonia has been outdated and we have alternatives to comply with health and innovation requirements for the future. We also installed a complete Chillers system for magnetic resonance imaging in Alagoas, and now we have a KNOWLEDGE platform inside our website.

Our customers, partners and any interested people can download technical content, projects and tips in a single portal that we call “REFRISAT University”. And to close with a “golden” key we managed to improve the new model of Online Training and now we are on a platform dedicated just for that, learn more by accessing our news from this stuffed news from June and July!