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In addition to the Plastics sector, we have always actively and traditionally served the printing sector. We provide references for quality and safety, such as the Casa da Moeda in Brazil, and that is why we still maintain our position of reference in this sector today.

That was when we were once again triggered by the old client: Kromia Label Press. Kromia is an important manufacturer of flexographic printers, and REFRISAT has already supplied many equipment to the company with capacities ranging from 30,000 to 45,000 kcal / h. As in the case of Heineken, Kromia also uses UV lamps, but in this case our SAT was used to cool the engraving cylinders and the ink that is heated by these lamps.

In this specific process, REFRISAT was able to facilitate the choice by lending a demonstration equipment to accurately survey the thermal load of the process, yet another reason for customers to trust our technical specification and the reliability of our products.

In addition to the standard items for the models already mentioned here, we also supply by pass with globe valve and pump with a pressure of 4.5 bar. All necessary modifications and adjustments to guarantee the quality of the flexible film.

Quality assurance in an impeccable process and with the advice of our technical and engineering team. That’s REFRISAT!

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