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The holidays always require any celebration, even in such a difficult year. It is time to focus on what was good and on everything that will come out positive in the future. With that spirit, and with the happiness of being able to celebrate good times, we speak of a brand that is synonym of that: Heineken.

Beyond the traditional beer of “good times”, Heineken do Brasil is also composed of brands such as Amstel, Devassa, Schin, Itubaína, Sol, Kaiser, Bavaria, Eisenbahn and 8 other beverage brands. It is a strong, recognized group with strict quality assessment criteria.

In a process of producing beverages and many food products, hygiene and cleanliness are extremely important factors and therefore require specific investments, calculations and projects in order to guarantee quality standards. That is how Heineken came to us.

The use of UV lamps in the food sector is very common. The function of these items is conservation, germicide, quality improvement, disinfection and fluid treatment, in addition to many other applications. Thus, like any lamps, heating them can lead to faster burning, which in addition to impairing the process, decreases the useful time of each of these items.

For the manufacture of these “good times” from Heineken, REFRISAT therefore supplied more than 10 pieces of equipment, without many modifications in relation to the factory standard, all of them small, in 2 models of different capacities, with additional controls for operation control and stop, developed especially for customers according to need.

Still in some confinement, nothing prevents us from celebrating the end of the year in our homes and enjoying a very cold Heineken Group made with the help of REFRISAT.

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