Compact Coolers

With two options of condensation (air or water), this equipment is used in many applications with simple control, self-intuitive and innovative system. We are the first to launch a concept device with unique features, combining efficiency and stability. Cooling circuit with capability control and electronic valve.

Applications: Injection, extrusion, blow, flexographic printing, scientific equipment, chemicals and derivatives, food and beverage industry, hospital medical sector, metal-mechanical industry, sugarcane industry, electroplating, pharmaceutical industry, among others.

Condensation By Air

Model that works through air condensation with all the unique features and designed to meet various sectors. AIR model type contains internal coil and fans to generate the condensation of the refrigerant.


Condensation By Water

Model with condensation through water, with all the unique features, and designed to meet various sectors. Model type W needs water from the cooling tower for the condensation of the gas.