Notre Dame Group chooses REFRISAT in a diagnosis clinic

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Ohh that moment when a clinic acquires a new resonance … It takes a few months to make the decision, but when everything is decided and the model is defined, it is time to talk to REFRISAT!

This time our customers are from Bioimagem, part of the Notre Dame Group that is recognized for being a big health operator that offers quality service and structure at good costs.

The Bioimagem clinic has a series of tests in its service portfolio, and already with a structure designed for the operation of a new resonance, they approached us through an installer company so that we could supply 2 RM model equipment that should work in alternation.

We have talked about this system many times here, after all our automation team was one of those responsible for developing it with a pioneering spirit in Brazil. Having one equipment in operation with another in alternation contributing to energy savings and longer system life was a solution that changed the routine of many of our customers.

We guarantee that resonances do not run the risk of stopping and even longer service life for cooling systems, all controlled by a control panel in technical rooms.

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