Chiller RM – AR

The first project made and manufactured in Brazil of chillers for magnetic resonance, imaging and other applications in the medical and hospital area.

With simple operation, high technical development and sophisticated design, the CHILLER REFRISAT is approved by the leading manufacturers in Brazil and Latin America and is made of corrosion resistant material, with double cooling circuit, and with electrical equipment of unparalleled quality in the market.

We are the number one (#1) company in providing Chillers for this sector, and the concern with the quality and the service (pre and post sales) is one of our most remarkable characteristics. The aluminum frames come with solutions in international high technology and are more resistant to corrosion, positioning the RM-AIR CHILLER (used in combination with the Flow Panel) as the best option for the thermal control of diagnostic imaging equipment, and approved by all manufacturers from Brazil (Siemens, Philips, GE, Toshiba, Varian, Elekta, etc.)

See also the automatic relay system developed by REFRISAT and widely applied, making it possible to operate with minimal likelihood of crashes and stops.


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Remote Frame Flow Panel – QRD