News 255 – Production of food, tools and more.

13/02/20 • by admin • em , , , , , ,

First News of the year came out with so much news that we almost said “phew” after writing it. And the rush was real around here! A lot of equipment sold, produced and delivered with good prospects for this year!

Now we tell news about our performance in the food sector in two egg production companies that counted on our help, another one in tooling and more details of our performance in the hospital medical area in Dracena, in the interior of São Paulo.

Finally, we leave a glimpse of everything that will happen in the coming months: REFRISAT Training, JPR 2020 and Fipem in Pernambuco. And, as if that were not enough, there are still new features in our maintenance and prevention plans.

Check everything and then come to know more by talking to us: