Solution in sparkling water to improve the product and packaging.

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Our participation in the food industry is increasing. In 2020 alone, the sector made up more than 15% of our sales, a percentage that is increasingly expressive due to the reliability we have achieved in various projects in Brazil and Latin America.

In the case of the Du Sul Brasileira de Distribuição de Água, we sent to Paraná, Brazil an equipment specially large with a cooling capacity of approximately 260,000 kcal/h for the temperature condition of + 2 ° C, in addition to a skid with sanitary standard for cooling of carbonated drinking water.

This standard is widely used in beverage industries and even in the production of milk and whey. Due to our expanded participation in this sector, many companies seek us in search of this type of solution, which in addition to the benefits of cooling drinking water in a direct system, also has the full support of our technical team, support and knowledge throughout the sales process and installation.

For this specific process, the solution guarantees better water quality, less carbonation and less thickness of the bottle used in filling. In addition, REFRISAT’s complete systems guarantee Premium automation, the first company on the market with a testing and automation laboratory in Brazil and Latin America for the thermal control-engineering sector.

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