Plástico Brasil 2019 Fair Balance: Employees and satisfied customers.

07/04/19 • by admin

This was only the second edition of Plástico Brasil 2019, but it was as if we had been in the event for a long time. As you may know, from Brasilplast to Feiplastic, and the breakup of the fairs always left us, like other manufacturers in the industry, in doubt if we were following the right way by betting on this new fair organized and supported by ABIMAQ. Well, this year, not only because of our hard work, but because of the visitation and interest of the clients, we can say that it was worth it!

There were over 2000 direct visitors, who consulted us and wanted to know more about our products. We didn´t had much free time during this 5 days of the event, and certainly the best of fairs is the eye-to-eye relationship we have with who is part of our history. Well , almost the as same in a nice family reunion!

It was in this year that we received a very large number of employees to be prestigious, since they are part of everything from the conception to the delivery of our equipment, and surely it is very good to share the happiness of being part of it all together.

Also in this edition we managed to keep, close and present new business for our clients. We launched the Compressed Air Cooler, novelty for blowers with the exclusivity of the REFRISAT line and unique quality, besides having our eternal automation differential.

Our Dry Air Unit came again, with another launch from last year: the Precision Air Conditioner (also for Datacenters), which also received great attention from our visitors, even those who did not have the immediate need for this solution.

The REFRISAT Modular Drycooler won a new project, with better costs, saving more than 15% of energy in relation to others in the market and also the automation differential as in all of our line of Chilled Water and Chillers, which were re-presented with factory and market differential, as is the case with our electronic valves.

We arrived at the event with the theme: It is not only 4.0, it is the technology in our DNA, since it is already years of investment in real technology! We can affirm and reaffirm that it is not only quality or automation, our equipment even counts on a unique differential that already comes from “cradle”, something that we bring with us from the conception of the brand REFRISAT, when in our processes we look for and make happen when the subject is technology.

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