News 256: STATUS COVID-19: Opposite and together, even if from a distance.

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In less than a month we found ourselves in a completely adverse situation. Few imagined that an apparently harmless virus would cause such a change in our routine. Our determinations and process modifications have been extended for as long as necessary so that we can contribute to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
More than civil liability, we are also concerned with serving our customers. REFRISAT serves all essential areas, from food to a hospital doctor. Therefore, we cannot stop and we know the impact that our work has on the daily lives of so many people.
In this News we talk about our new reality and we take the opportunity to thank our employees: those who are working from their homes, those who work at our unit in different shifts and those who serve our customers who need it most.


We work behind the scenes so that our customers are able to focus on what is most important: caring for people and the health of our society.
We will come out stronger from all this and EVERYTHING will pass! Our outlook is optimistic and we know that after this difficult period, we will all be even more united and prepared to face any adversity.