Literally involving everything.

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The SONOCO group even has a name that reminds us of what we see here in Brazil, but its history is really global. What started in a warehouse with 12 people in 1899 in South Carolina, USA, has now become a group with more than 23,000 employees in more than 320 plants across 36 countries.

A group of this size has to worry about sustainability and protection, so in all its line it prints these qualities, involving a little of everything! Literally. It is food, drink, industrial and technical products, medicines and with protective packaging for various types of products.

More than continuing their work as they have always done traditionally, the SONOCO group invests in innovation and improvements, just like REFRISAT, so they counted on us in the process of manufacturing carton caps in forming mandrel, being already the second equipment for this application in the same plant.

Understanding the need for the process, in addition to our specialty, has become an essential reason for REFRISAT to be part of this task! The company needed a very different and specific project, made in every detail tailored to its process.

Therefore, we reformulated our project of a standard Chiller so that it had a reservoir in a special format and with differentiated gadgets such as internal breathing, external visual level and a special supply method. In addition, the equipment had internal circulation and external process pumps, control in the return tub (process), temperature sensors and pressure transducer and external bypass with globe valve. In the REFRISAT standard options line we also offer the fan frequency inverter and a special Y filter installed on the return (internal circulation, process and water replacement).

In addition to all this, we also provided a series of documentation that were necessary for the process to be approved by all areas of inspection and audit of the client. This way we made our design and manufacturing team available to understand how they could help in the process as a whole, adding documentation and certifications that are necessary to ensure safety and adequacy to the client’s needs and requirements.

REFRISAT is engineering and quality that result in equipment with respect, reputation, application and usability in the national and international market.

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