JPR 2019: Another year of success and official releases.

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As the market already knows, REFRISAT was the first company to provide equipment for the hospital medical area, more specifically for imaging diagnostics. We are for more than 40 years on the market and our know-how in this sector is older than10 years.

Ever since we started our business in the medical sector, we realized how important it was for our customers to build an almost unbreakable equipment, and not by chance we gained so much space. We know that guaranteeing this in the long term and without knowing the environmental and operational conditions is very difficult, but over the years we have all developed a solution that is reliable and ultra-technological and caters to this market as a perfect fit.

Well, with our proven know-how and reliability, we have been able to produce a new product, which is already known in the market but now comes with REFRISAT´s quality.

The integrated air conditioning system is a solution that has been in the market for some time, and is offered by some companies. REFRISAT was already analyzing the possibility of providing it with a focus on the area of ​​diagnostic imaging for some time, however, we were not comfortable doing it until we were sure that ours would be the product with the greatest differential and with 100% certainty that our client would not be “stuck”.

REFRISAT is already well-known and has more than 30 years of know-how in air conditioning installations, all of which are special projects from test laboratories and clean rooms to large, small and medium sheds. In our portfolio we collected successful projects in almost all sectors when it comes to air conditioning, but the challenge was to be able to present a product “ready” for different possibilities / environments / clinics / regions of Brazil and Latin America.

Therefore, after some time of studies, we managed to elaborate the perfect and different solution in relation to the whole market! We guarantee that there is enough back-up so that your clinic doesn´t stop because of the Resonance and Tomograph refrigeration systems, and also guarantees the air-conditioning of the examination rooms.

Unlike the regular market solutions, REFRISAT guarantees with 100% certainty and quality that its routine of examinations continues, after all, we know how it is important the financial and reputation cost for our customers!

With this differentiated solution, and with CERTAINTY that this is the BEST of the market, we went to JPR 2019. The event gave the opportunity to our customers to know this system that now is offered full of differentials, and we were able to expand the advertising and sales of our conventional Chillers to the sector.

Our customers also once again had the opportunity to meet our Precision Self-Contained air conditioner, which is already geared towards the application in Datacenters of all sizes.

Always special and always looking for solutions that make life easier for our customers, this is how we go! Do you want to know more about our complete integrated cooling and air conditioning solution for hospital medical applications? So do not hesitate to contact our sales team by clicking here, sending an email to: or by calling +55 (11) 2423 -5900

Here are some photos of our participation in JPR:

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