Essential for life? Water!

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We have already spoken here of our process in several industries in the country, including the “mothers” of our client in this case. Have you read our cases about Indaiá and Minalba?

Yeah, WE ARE BACK! Our quality and reliability guarantee that REFRISAT has a prominent distribution in the national and Latin market, that’s why our customers of ASB BEBIDAS E ALIMENTOS LTDA. came in search of our solutions.

The company is a subsidiary of the structured and important Edson Queiroz group, owner of brands such as Indaiá, Minalba, São Lourenço and Petrópolis. The group is plural and diversified, with a number of other companies in the area of ​​energy, household appliances, communications, agribusiness, education and others with business and social projects.

With Brazilian roots and large investments in the sectors in which it operates, the group is a leader and could only count on our solutions!

For this process, the client’s team sought us out, already knowing the thermal load required, and also already knowing our performance in other branches of the group and companies in the sector. The process required a thermal load of more than 500,000 kcal/h for the filling of drinking water in order to allow for the best quality and lowest carbonation of the process.

This type of solution guarantees savings both in the thickness of the bottle packaging and in the water carbonation process itself.

In visits to the customer, we were also able to identify peculiarities and specificities that can change the original design of a standard SAT, including the removal of the internal reservoir, since the customer had a reservoir, and cooling by recirculation.

Our automation and control resources ensure that small changes in our system are able to offer a new routine to our customers, which in addition to being more practical and with less headache, ensure that the customer focuses on what really matters, which is the completion and production your expertise.

Let’s go together!

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