REFRISAT is even bigger. And as of 2019 we are also equipment rental companies. We identify the needs of our customers and solve their problems, expanding our structure and organizing ourselves to serve them in the best way. Our aim is to provide more peace of mind in interesting rental plans.

    We combine the quality of REFRISAT equipment with the tranquility of rental plans, and offer a new specific solution for each business. No wonder our slogan is: Your process asks, REFRISAT DOES! And we really do!


    To understand which is the best rental plan for your need, please contact us providing the installation data, necessary capacity, among other structural and technical data that you may have. Our job is to identify the specifics of your process, from technical data to energy needs, sound and temperature precision so that we can send you a complete and special proposal for your business.

    Our biggest differential is to translate into a rental solution exactly what our customer needs, always in search of the perfect final product for every need, also in locations.

    Contact us and understand the best solution for you.


    – Climatization and air conditioning

    – Industrial processes

    – Scientific research

    – Food production

    – Among others.


    – Guaranteed preventive and corrective maintenance

    -Specified and personalized automation

    -Energy and process efficiency

    -Remote monitoring