There are more than 40 years of history and experience applied in the manufacture of equipment and in special projects. Our engineering team is prepared and specialized in meeting specific needs with quality and punctuality. Do you need air conditioning? Just contact us.


    Do you know the size of your environment? And the need for temperature, is it accurate? Does it involve factors such as humidification, temperature fluctuations by time of year, day, time and other variable factors? Our team wants to understand all the details of your need, so in addition to an initial conversation, analysis of architectural projects and on-site visits to identify needs, REFRISAT involves all its best engineers in a first-rate project for air conditioning. big and small needs.

    We develop solutions for the needs of our customers, combining market demand with our line products, preventive and corrective maintenance contracts and rental contracts for specific needs and we are able to offer customized solutions according to the client.


    – Integrated projects in hospitals and clinics (combining air conditioning and the need for diagnostic imaging processes)

    – Projects and architectural constructions of various sizes

    – Large and small industrial and commercial warehouses

    – Temporary constructions of various sizes

    – Clean rooms, scientific tests, among other diverse and specific processes.


    – Painting customization and any other needs according to the architectural and technical design elaborated for the need

    – State-of-the-art maintenance and monitoring options and technology

    – Specific and personalized automation

    – Technical visits with prepared staff

    – Energy and process efficiency