The sum of 45 + 36 years of REFRISAT and the HBR holding group.

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In 2016 we celebrated our 40th anniversary. At the time, we did not know that we would be part of an international group that became the largest in Latin America and one of the largest in the world for all the specialties we serve, but we already knew that we were the references in the thermal control sector.

It was in that same year that we were the official suppliers of MRI chillers for the RIO 2016 Olympics and Paralympics. It was also in this year that we once again reinforced our pioneering position in technology and development. Until then, we have already accumulated great achievements built on ethical principles and hard work:

1-We have become the references in thermal control in Latin America;
2-We were recognized as the company with the highest technical quality in optimizing projects for the market;
3-In the 90’s, we launched the first Chiller for the hospital medical area in Brazil and Latin America, today a reference and “top of mind” in the category;
4-Eternal innovators, we launch trends and dictate market changes. In the 1990s-2000s, we were the first to develop automation for thermal control, with an in-house research laboratory for testing and developing programming, technology and solutions in refrigeration and projects.

We kept our track record and continued to set trends from design to technology, and now, 5 years later, we celebrate another anniversary of REFRISAT, now adding the strength and structure of a powerful and international group with a presence and distribution above any other competitor of the market, mainly in Latin America.

In 2021 we celebrate 36 years of the HBR holding group and 45 years of REFRISAT, and now with even more innovations and achievements that we offer as a gift to the market and our employees, in gratitude for all these years of partnership and union:

1-Launch of at least 3 more product lines from the factory in 2021 for the chillers/coolers line;
2-Launch of the system we called Infinity (for our entire product line) in a cloud control system;
3-Integration and reinforcement of our technical assistance with the entire structure of the HBR holding Brasil group and its brands;
4-Relocation of headquarters to an even larger location, with smart and sustainable construction and premium technology and testing structure.

Let’s go with us and let’s go together!!!

Now we are more, we are big and giants.

We are the largest portfolio in the market and the biggest thermal control group in Latin America.

We are HBR holding. We are REFRISAT.