REFRISAT at Prevent Senior in one of the largest hospital complexes in Brazil and Latin America

30/04/20 • by admin

Perhaps the largest hospital complex in Brazil counts on our air conditioning, refrigeration and structure for diagnostic imaging exams.
Prevent Senior has gained national relevance in recent years with exemplary work that values ​​people and has become a reference mainly for caring for the elderly.
With its own service network with more than 40 hospitals in São Paulo, Prevent Senior also has a wide accredited network and a differentiated structure, from the selection of professionals to every detail of its structure.
Since last year REFRISAT has been developing dimensioning, design, material selection and assembly of a special work that has an impact on the lives of many people.
A 6,100 m² plot of land, with a first-rate structure, in a modern and striking building in the south of São Paulo and which is already an architectural reference. The building was designed to receive any type of company, and for this flexibility the idea of ​​adapting the building for hospital use. There are 46 thousand m², with helipad and a complete and perfect structure.
The adaptations to this real estate giant were made from the size of the elevators (which must contain stretchers for example) to the fire structure that must support more than 120 minutes. The spaces for food, energy, air conditioning and technical structure need to work 24 hours a day and all these requirements were met with our little hand.
Follow a little of our project that is still in process with all the security measures to avoid spreading the corona virus and with that special thanks to our collaborators who are involved in this project with a huge impact on the health of our country:

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