Pride and optimism in relation to the future.

01/09/17 • by Bianca de Moraes • em , , ,

When we speak of the Independence of Brazil, one of the first images that pass through the heads of all is that one of “D. Pedro I” on the banks of the Ipiranga River. In fact, in our good Brazilian student days, we have all learned that the cry of “Independence or Death” was more of a figurative image in a process that would invariably happen in our country, but we still commemorate its date because of the importance it had in our political organization and as a country project here in Brazil.


At present, talking about a country project became much more complicated, mainly by the shameful position that most Brazilian politicians followed in recent years. This discredit in the political class and to see important decision-making being done in favor of few, motivated a widespread lack of respect that, among many splashes and reflections, affected the business and industrial environment, not only in Brazil but also in Latin America.


In recent years we have heard discouraging and bad news, but we continue here. REFRISAT started its operation in Brazil 41 years ago and, with know-how and knowledge, we faced throughout our history many crises for which our country has already passed. With a strong presence in Latin America since we started our international activities.


We believe that the expectation for the future can be better, not only commercially speaking for us as an institution, but in the sense of education, health and safety for all citizens who contribute daily to continue walking as a one.


REFRISAT continues to put into practice codes of ethics, conduct and competition in the market, as well as we believe on the professionalization of our team and a project that is under development and evolution for constant improvements. We improve our technical attention, recognize our mistakes and work daily to eliminate them. We insert new platforms of conversation to exchange information more horizontally and to receive suggestions and notes from all.


We have our roots as Brazilian as we could, with collaborators from various regions of the country and the world, in a mixture of respect and harmony between races and cultures.


It is said that the best thing about the Brazilian people is creativity, and we believe in it, as well as in all of Latin America! We were the first to invest in automation and we are certainly the company with the greatest internal know-how for programming development in the sector. To speak about nationalism for us is to speak about pride for work and for the effort of each one that makes our business evolve, from our collaborators to our most diverse clients here in Brazil and in the world, who believe in our professionalism and our team.


And why can’t we take advantage of the holiday of independence in Brazil to share an optimistic message of what comes next? We hope you will come with us!