Maintaining jobs, promoting solidarity among ours, and guaranteeing commitments and deliveries.

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In times of turbulence REFRISAT and the HBR holding group are always thinking of new ways to deliver what is most needed to our employees, suppliers and customers. We are not alone and we are one more part of the force that will leverage the economy as soon as we go through this difficult time for public health worldwide.

Since the beginning of this new financial and social crisis, mainly due to the impacts of the corona virus, the main concern of our group has been to maintain jobs and deliveries, and we work day by day for this. It was in this movement that REFRISAT managed to keep jobs, with none less.

Our group made a huge effort to reallocate activities and costs so that we would not have any embezzlement in our team and commitments, even with the natural decrease in commercial activity that unfortunately became a standard in practically all sectors of our economy.

With the effort to keep jobs, we managed to:

1- Guarantee the support of hundreds of families that today are part of the REFRISAT and HBR Holding family;

2- We comply with deadlines and deliveries that guaranteed delivery on time and without delays even with the logistical difficulties of the period;

3- We made our contribution so that the economy does not stop in the future, at the same time that we took all the preventive measures recommended by WHO and Health Organs.

At the end of June, our presidency invested in more! IN SOLIDARITY shared and among ours.

The impact we have on society is greater than that of monetary values ​​when we talk about the coexistence we have in our communities. Each of us has a gigantic impact on the lives of everyone with whom we relate, and it was with this in mind that REFRISAT and the HBR group encouraged solidarity “among ours”.

Here at REFRISAT, the practice of delivering basic food baskets as a monthly benefit to a part of our employees has already begun. The basic food baskets are important supplements to the salary and many other benefits that the employees of our company have.

This June we delivered an extra unit for each basic basket distributed according to standard procedure. The idea is that we could help our employees to help their communities and other families that they know and know they need.

See the letter from our presidency on the subject:

It’s REFRISAT and the HBR Group facing adversity and challenges together!