HBR and REFRISAT Announcement

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Many decades brought us here today at REFRISAT. We started our operations in a small store in Santana district, a mostly residential neighborhood of São Paulo, and what started so small expanded to all over Brazil and Latin America, with projects all over the world. We built a company that is today the biggest technology reference for the sector we operate in. We were innovative, with a different design and a personal and unique approach that is part of our DNA: close to our customers, employees and suppliers.

This is how we maintained a healthy and unique relationship with our market, and this is how we announce that now REFRISAT is part of the HBR group, which in its diversified portfolio already has the brands HBR, Oceanica, Tegris, ENER, Fieldlink and Air Delivery. A company with experience of over three decades, with a wide portfolio of products and solutions with diversified and international performance, recognized for quality, seriousness, ethics and excellence in everything they do.

Now we have a larger and more diversified structure that will contribute to better deliveries, more technology, and great news out there!

Now we will grow even more as part of a group that, as we always look for here at REFRISAT, shares values ​​and conduct that bring to us pride and high expectations for the future!

REFRISAT is now part of HBR! Let’s go together!