13/11/17 • by Bianca de Moraes

Just like October, the month of November is marked by an important campaign, now for the prevention of Prostate Cancer! A month focused on the health of man, reinforcing the care to prevent this disease.

Prostate cancer is the sixth most common type in the world! Most cases occur in men over 65 years old and, just like breast cancer, when diagnosed and treated early on, the mortality risks greatly reduce.

            With all these alarming data, the very important thing is PREVENTION. A rich, low-fat diet and regular exercise help decrease cancer risk. In addition to healthy living, it is important for men to do the routine exams without blinking!

It is important not to postpone prevention and learn to observe yourself above all else. If there are cases in the family, the predisposition to the disease is greater and care should be even more thorough.

The Blue November should be an affectionate reminder for the man to take care of himself and not be irresponsible with his own health. To take care of one’s own family, one must be healthy too! Surveys are the only safety margin to know if everything is okay, and men over the age of 40 should do it every year.

            Here at REFRISAT we cultivate attitudes in favor of health and well-being, so we spread the movement of the Blue November among our employees and through our social networks. In addition, we have also been able to carry out a work of raising awareness with our employees, showing that this is a subject to be approached in a serious way for the good of all. Being healthy is essential to fully live every moment of life !!