Clients of all faiths, races and cultures, this is how we are nationalists: worshiping the diversity of our country.

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We already spoke in the beginning of this month about the pride that we have in relation to the diversity that we worship both internally and in the market. We have a team that is made up of foreigners and Brazilians of various creeds and cultures, and we encourage the hiring of a team that represents not only what we are and our ideals, but also a reflection of what is best in the Brazilians. We work to make that happen.


Although our history began in Brazil 41 years ago, it was before that REFRISAT actually started acquiring know-how, when our partners started their work in Europe and on the African continent. When coming to Brazil, in addition to the priority in technology and innovation, REFRISAT managed to stand out as a company that generates opportunities. We have a fairly horizontal structure, with opportunities for growth and innovation, integrating all types of professionals who share the same ideal of ethics and responsibility.


Our customers are not far behind, and we learn a lot with everyone. Concerned and responsible company seeks its peers in the market, investing in technology and innovation. Among our most recent and international clients, we serve companies from Ecuador to the southernmost point of our continent, going all over South America and still serving countries like Mexico and some locations in the Caribbean.


Of Brazilians, diversity is also high. We serve from the companies that started here in Brazil to the multinational companies that manufacture everything on Brazilian soil, with Brazilian labor and raw materials. There are more than 14,000 devices with our brand throughout Latin America and Brazil. We have a very large percentage of multinational companies from different countries, such as customers, suppliers and partners.


Clinics, hospitals, steelworks, packaging industries, mechanics, parts, adhesive, graphic material, cosmetics, paintings, food and much more, we serve everyone with quality, fairness and appreciation for our work and the demands of the market.