26/10/17 • by Bianca de Moraes

We have already spoken in our latest NEWS that October is the month of the Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention campaign. It is in the publicized campaign, with lights and pink ribbons in diverse places of the world, that the health care of the woman and its well-being is in focus.

REFRISAT decided to combine the useful with the pleasant, and to talk about the bank of tissues and the campaign of the October Rose, we reminded in an internal action the importance of taking care and observing ourselves. It was with a simple present for nail care that we reminded our girls about important concepts of care inside and out. In this campaign we also passed on very important information about Breast Cancer and tips on self-examination!

We invite the women of the REFRISAT team to pay a little more attention to themselves and their health! Invite the women you know and we will finish October always like this: supporting and publicizing campaigns that focus our attention on personal care and well-being.