How it works

Learn all the details about our unique and special features, and know a little of how we work. We are the only company with a creation and development automation lab. Thus, the only ones able to develop completely customized solutions according to the needs of our customers.

If your process asks. REFRISAT does.

Diagnostic Imaging Centers

The CHILLERS provided to diagnostic imaging centers can be installed at indoor and outdoor environments with remote control panels and options for supervisory system, ensuring monitoring and adjustments in any system failures.

The models are composed with a system of dual cooling circuit, wich provides versatility, resulting in energy savings due to the possibility of capacity modulation as required for each exam, reducing consumption when in ‘standby’ condition.

Alternation Auto Kit

CHILLERS alternation system with versatile automation interconnected to various medias which increase the control and reliability of the equipment, and avoid concentrated wear of a single CHILLER.

Check out the products in our portfolio that meet this and other sectors:

Complete Portfolio Medical/Hospital



Possibility of an integrated and complete system with relay of chillers and versatile automation connected to various means of communication increasing the control and reliability of the equipment, in addition to avoiding the concentrated wear and tear of a single chiller, and even a schematic with room air conditioning, management easy with control of all variables in a single control system.