20/06/18 • by Bianca de Moraes

A special year of JPR! Once again we took the first national chiller project for diagnostic imaging for the event, and this time, we filled our stand with launches. For those who want to know more and could not visit us there at the fair, we tell a little news!

Exclusivity in Brazil, and bringing the first unit of this novelty to South America, REFRISAT has signed a partnership with SoleX Energy and its representatives in Brazil. The solar collector was promoted as a first class solution and as a highlight. More than 80% of the visitors were interested in the technology, and in 3 and a half days of the event, almost all the visitors attracted an interest in this technology, which besides being an exclusive REFRISAT in the sector, is also a highlight for the global technological and environmental development.

The solar collector, unlike photovoltaic panels, operates by UV radiation and solar thermal energy in a thermodynamic way, thus reducing the use of the compressor, heating the gas and increasing the efficiency of the entire system. That is, it is a device that RETURNS energy by up to 70% depending on the cooling system.

In the United States and developed in England with German technology, the solar collector is already used in many parts of the world, in countries with solar incidence much lower than South America, which makes us believe that the horizons are vast and welcoming for this technology that is our exclusivity in Brazil and South America.

We are still conducting tests for the tropicalization of the system, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.

Another novelty of the event was the launch of our Self Contained Precision Air Conditioner, an equipment mainly used in Data Centers and Technical Rooms. Innovation developed in Brazil with an up-to-date technology of the whole world, now original design and with the quality REFRISAT. Precision air conditioners are also perfect for the use of our exclusive solar collectors, and the tests outside Brazil were successful and savings up to 70%.

The use of the collector increases the life of your equipment, the interval between maintenance and all this with a return of investment in about 4 years! Economy, lower maintenance cost and longer service life, after all this is what a liability company seeks!

And if your intention is to insure the investment to do in the future, we also present to our customers at the event a comparison of energy expenditure between conventional and inverter compressors, both already part of our portfolio a few years ago.

The conventional equipment is those you already know, fixed compressor and exclusive REFRISAT features. The Chiller Inverter, with a fixed compressor and an inverter, has electrical consumption according to the demand, that is, more economy with the quality guarantee REFRISAT.

The JPR 2018 was a success and very productive, we only have to thank everyone who participated and went to visit us there at the booth! Until the next year!!

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